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"Dependable, Helpful, Cheerful, Friendly." That's how Mary Hartman would describe her homemakers.

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Why Lake Country

Here's what our clients are saying.

“If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to stay home.”

Daryl Newton of Wadena is an ordained minister and spends much of his time studying scripture on his home computer. He depends on his aides to help him get ready for the morning bus. Dale Howe most often cares for Daryl and they have become great friends. “We talk about family and about faith. Everyday things.”

“I look forward to the visits.”

Elton Hentila of New York Mills has lived on his family farm since 1977. In order to stay on the farm, he needs help with basic household chores. Barb Steuber visits him every week.. “I wash bedding and clothes, cook meals and bake treats, and spend time talking with Elton.” On his last birthday, Barb brought cupcakes. “We have developed a wonderful friendship,” said Barb.

“Dependable, helpful, cheerful, friendly.” That’s how Mary Hartman would describe her homemakers.

Since moving to an apartment from her family farm, Mary Hartman has had homemakers like Laura Beach to help her with grocery shopping and other household tasks. “I’m so glad Laura is on the Lake Country team.” Since they have so much in common, Laura and Mary have grown close and share stories of life during their visits.